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Organic cucumber

Organic cucumber.

or… they sort out the worst and sell them as organic food – fulfilling the customer‘s expectations and anticipation of how ‚natural’ should look like. I feel so much pity with this cucumber that I am trying to find arguments for with pesticides treated and genetically manipulated vegetables.

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Is Bitcoin legal? 比特币合法吗? Ist Bitcoin Legal?

United Kingdom

permissive (legal to use bitcoin)
contentious (some restrictions on legal usage of bitcoin)
contentious (interpretation of old laws, but bitcoin isn't prohibited directly)
hostile (full or partial prohibition)




permissiv (erlaubt, bitcoin zu verwenden)
umstritten (einige Einschränkungen bei der legalen Verwendung von Bitcoin)
umstritten (Interpretation alter Gesetze, aber Bitcoin ist nicht direkt verboten)
feindlich (vollständiges oder teilweises Verbot)