China has released its official public holiday schedule for 2017! Nobody really understands the ideas behind it, but the government took a long time to think all that through.

So, here’s the holiday schedule for the year 2017.

New Year’s Holiday:
OFF: December 31st – January 2nd (Sat-Mon)

Spring Festival:
OFF: January 27th – February 2nd (Fri-Thurs)
WORK: January 22nd (Sun) & February 4th (Sat)

Tomb Sweeping Festival:
OFF: April 2nd – 4th (Sun-Tues)
WORK: April 1st (Sat)

May Day:
OFF: April 29th – May 1st (Sat-Mon)

Dragon Boat Festival:
OFF: May 28th – 30th (Sun-Tues)
WORK: May 27th (Sat)

Mid-Autumn Festival + National Day:
OFF: October 1st – 8th (Sun-Sun)
WORK: September 30th (Sat)