I write often too much, so I’ll try to keep it as short as possible.

I can fully understand DRC. Nobody cares, all the work sticks to the few devs and maintainers who are in charge. That is so, since the early times of CRAVE’s survival (when the logo was a winged skull and the claim was “embrace darkness” – I’ll come back to that topic). The people from the team suffered a lot but managed a successful coin swap, built a completely new webpage, whitepaper, roadmap, docs, and all the stuff needed for a mature coin. They drove CRAVE’s source code to new levels, managed to release several platforms supporting wallet and masternode’s which made CRAVE scalability and efficiency easily compete with other anonymity and security focussed coins in the coinmarketcap top ten.

What CRAVE is missing is a supporting community – that includes also myself, mea culpa. I thought why that is so because I really like CRAVE and bought it at approx 30 times the actual value. The reasons I finally found were that it was some experiment to run some masternode from some Dash-clone (which I CRAVE by far not longer see so cause it is better), make some investment which I hoped to pay out, and last but not least I wanted to learn. Unfortunately, I could barely support the team because of a big lack of knowledge and competence as a developer. Today I know a lot about cryptos, run a few masternodes and even CRAVE is an exot which I still support at a high loss but I really like it. And I still do so.

I the beginning when CRAVE was some underground coin with a valid code base and to the edge security and anonymity features (the “skull”-time mentioned above) I showed it to a developer who commented it with “if I show this [website] to an investor they will leave the room and I will never see them again.” So I appreciate the “makeover” and retreat from the “darkcoin” image but already at that time, I saw a loss. A loss in authenticity. for an underground coin I could accept no real names on the team page, especially as they wanted to turn CRAVE in some kind of community and/or “DAO”-drive project, but somehow the big leap forward never happened and the price for leaving the niche which was paid in loss of the member who really “embraced darkness”.

In the initial bitcointalk post some member advice not to revive CRAVE with the word to let the dead rest in peace. But it was revived. Today it is a zombie starving to its end. But I am still not willing to give up. I will try to help where I can (I am not a developer) so I try to take over some project management and organising and cheering up people who are willing to help and do something.

My roadmap is rather short as it is a short term plan to support the columns CRAVE is built on to fixed it in its actual position. Afterwards, we should go “back to the roots” and try to fill the original niche again

I. Stabilizing:
Get a new certificate for the domain CRAVE.cc – nobody will join a community communicating with a non-encrypted website. If there are any costs for hosting the site and so on I am willing to take some of the bill (maybe for a year) and/or move the site to one of my servers (or my hoster). There are some wrong links in the masternode PDF as in the installation script. I corrected it. Do I need to fork on github or somewhere to make a pull request? Please let me know. You can reach me on discord.

II. Back to the roots
First of all, why I think so: coins like Dash, Monero and other security focussed coins have success. Most of the transactions in the so-called darknet are today done with Monero. So generally the demand exists but is already satisfied. For CRAVE it should be very hard to compete with one of these big players even it has the potential for it. But it could complement the demand for high security and it could play a role as an exot providing a second security line for players who need double secured and anonymized transactions. An exot like CRAVE could first serve by “security by obscurity” and at the same time with its features like z-CRAVE doubling the anonymity.
(Simple example: I use my BTC to buy CRAVE. I make Z-CRAVE and turn them into newly minted CRAVE again. With that CRAVE I buy openly Monero, and can utilize the Monero security features, and eventually, I use Monero to buy whatever I wanted to buy securely and anonymously. So CRAVE could fill a niche as a supporting little brother of other security focussed coins or as a second frontline in obfuscation. A hidden layer behind the hidden layer. For that, you need an secure market which supports transparent and “non-hidden” addresses for BTC, XRM and CRAVE.)

As long no from coinmarketcap supported market is listing CRAVE against BTC it will be shown without information. A no-go. I did some research and found “Bisq”. Bisq is a decentralised trading app with onion/tor support and not “owned” by anyone. it has an open-source base and is DAO-driven. Also, it is mostly censorship-proof and cannot be banned. We need CRAVE to be listed there and can kill two birds with one stone. We can get CRAVE listed at coinmarketcap again and place it in a new niche. see yourself on Bisq’s website.

And for all the people who are still holding CRAVE at a high loss, we can maybe manage it to have a market to buy and sell again. At the moment I HODL CRAVE and start one MN after the other (which makes CRAVE pretty fast but is contra-productive). I already gave up on the idea to make “big money” with CRAVE but it is a too big pity to let it die.

There are two options to get CRAVE listed in Bisq.

  1. One “costs” some money as you need to convince a developer to implement CRAVE. They say it can take a long time anyway. I am convinced even with a big bounty no developer will hurry to implement CRAVE – if we can find one at all.
  2. The other option is to do the job according to their requirements on our own. It looks not that complicated (too complicated for me) and it is very good that there is already a valid block explorer and a really good codebase.

So eventually, who is onboard?

I already said I will try to help wherever I can. I am willing to support the website and to do communication and other support wherever I can. I can provide web space for the website and explorer, some work as an admin (linux), and run this or that node. Also, I can help to implement CRAVE to Bisq (or other trading platforms) if someone leads me to to do so – I have some technical understand and experience as a linux admin. Please let me know how to proceed and what you are willing to do for CRAVE.

By the way: My highest respect to DRC and all the other team members who hung on so long. You did and do a really good job! Sorry, but I was not on discord for a lone time, so maybe I make some wrong assumptions or have wrong impressions about who did what and so on… I don’t want to be involved in any dispute or discussion about “leadership” or make problems or be the reason for any problems. My only intent is to save CRAVE.