Unleashing my inner miner for #Bitcoin on a #Raspi3 with a fully synced with #core 0.24.0 using #bfgminer 5.5.0 as stratum proxy and #cgminer 4.10.0 and 10x 2GH/s USB #antminer – it’s like striking gold in 2023! For the little thrill other may feel playing lottery! #MiningMadness

I operate my own little Lightning Node

Feel free to open a channel e.g. with

lightning-cli connect 0366217f4a7abf70842f794e94a4cbddc249d5cbaf9c0ffd0b7e4638d9bf07845d 9735
lncli connect 0366217f4a7abf70842[email protected]:9735
eclair-cli connect 0366217f4a7abf70842[email protected]:9735

(please be note that you have to remove hyphens from the line above, after copy/paste  somewhere) or try my already working online tipping tool. Check it out! Send me some Satoshis throught the Lightning ⚡️ Network (beta, but fast as lightning!)