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Unfortunately, I have become aware of the bad practice of students enrolling on Udemy, benefiting from the courses offered and downloading course materials, but then having their course fee refunded within the refund period supported by Udemy.

Basically, I can understand that not all people have the financial means to enroll to an expensive course. But Udemy provides high discounts over reasonable periods and usually you can order a course for a fracture (~10-15%) of what it is announced for – at least my courses. Given that it is really some kind of toxic behaviour to back up claims credibly, to rate a course very poorly without leaving any further feedback after buying it very cheap at the first time and then even try to get refunded that tiny fee.

On the one hand, this is just not necessary as explained above, on the other hand, the poor rating lowers the average very much and leads to the problem that interested people no longer have the opportunity to classify the course properly on the basis of the feedback and rating. That is undermining the idea and ruining y course one just benefitted from. Also I freely admit that it hurts after working on a course as a guide for 5-6 months.

Please be fair and rate courses on Udemy in a fair manner and leave appropriate feedback to keep it available for a reasonable amount of people. Thank you!

To give everyone the same opportunity to educate themselves on a budget without resorting to unfair means, I regularly publish coupon codes for my courses on this page. Feel free to check from time to time for new coupon codes. Sharing is caring but if you exploit a system it will break!

🇬🇧 English Courses

5AAEC5AB5D6728365F41 Expires December 4, 2023 3:28 AM PST Total capacity: 100
Y60610A231F11C740E080 Expires December 8, 2023 12:34 AM PST Total capacity: 100

Expires never!
Total capacity: Free for all!

Expires never!
Total capacity: Free for all!

🇩🇪 Deutschsprachige Kurse

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