Hats off 🎩 for …

… this mobile public #COVID-19 vaccination 💉 spot in #Shanghai (Pudong, LuJiaZui)! For all people between 18 to 75 years.

Well organized, procedure fully digitally supported and appears stressless!

I‘ll get my first shot in a hospital 🏥 soon after following some expats’ advice to organize a schedule on my own in a Hospital near our home!

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Lost & Found: iPhone 1st Generation

Just found my iPhone 1st Generation (!) in nearly perfect outward condition but failed to update it to IOS 3.1.3.

Did a jailbreak in its last days before it disappeared in a drawer. Can I recover it to original condition and save the more than 1400 pictures for the coming generation?

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Papa hat gekocht

Papa hat gekocht: Hühnchenbrust mit Paprika/Koriander gewürzt – in Streifen eine gute Beilage im Salat!
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