Legacy media has often acted as the mouthpiece for entrenched power, sitting squarely on the wrong side of history until the bitter end when their position becomes untenable. In fact, history is often written by the victors, and only when the battle is already lost do they reverse course and place themselves at the center of the heroic narrative.

However, the rise of social media has disrupted this narrative, and now the unraveling of stories can happen in real-time, even before they are counteracted by traditional media. In this new era, one thing has become clear: we cannot rely solely on mainstream media, financial institutions, or government, but must instead believe only in those we trust.

Despite the admission by the New York Times that we are in the midst of a bank crisis, they are missing the bigger picture. The entire system has effectively defaulted since 2008, and we have been in quiet insolvency for 15 years. This debt can never be repaid, and the only question now is how these losses will be allocated. As the banking sector consolidates, the losses are absorbed by central banks, which finance these deals through the national currency. This will lead to radical debasement and a decrease in the people’s purchasing power, which will serve as the ultimate pressure valve for this crisis. You feel it already painfully in your pockets!

Rather than acknowledging the impending doom of fiat money, traditional media is instead slandering Bitcoin. However, this narrative will not last. Bitcoin is based on a decentralized system that operates independently of rulers and has rules without rulers. In other words, it’s a system based on the believe in mathematics and freedom rather than corrupt institutions. As Bitcoin gains more accceptence and the lightning network more adoption, we will see that in the legacy media it will suddenly become as American as apple pie, and we will come to realize that it’s not just an investment but a way of life. Not only for the US but the whole world – new world patriotism.

In conclusion, it’s clear that we cannot rely solely on traditional media, financial institutions, or government to guide us through this crisis. They will not serve us solutions but are part (or the whole) problem. Instead, we must place our trust in those we believe in, such as God, mathematics, and Bitcoin. As the world continues to change, we must adapt and evolve, and only by doing so can we thrive in true freedom.

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