(c) Picture: Andrey Pavlov*

(c) Picture: Andrey Pavlov* see below

Finally I worked it out and have a totally stable version running of the bfgminer 3.10.0 on a raspberry pi (Wheezy) (read the article in German language) to mine Bitcoins with the 1.6 GH/s Antminers U1 (overclockked to 2 GH/s). Stable and stress tested in a duration test under common conditions: No crash of hanger of the system within 36 hours – HW-error rate below 0.08%!

According to the principle

Be fair, share!

I offer the image of my SD-Card for mining with Antminers U1 at a raspberry pi to the community. You can download directly the ZIP with the image file – 1.2 GB (!) (no idea, if I have to stop this service later due to too much traffic) or via bittorrent as magnet-link – hope these ones work!

If the download worked and you are happily mining Bitcoins with your antminers-u1@your-raspberry-pi, feel free to think about a little donation like 0.01 Bitcoin or less.

BTC: 16gmNiXxypvTWtR9uqPbmgKkPoe3sRCqhM

If the abose download of the Ready-to-mine Version of bfgminer 3.10.0 for raspberry pi on a SD-Card works, please consider a little donation to Bitcoin: 16gmNiXxypvTWtR9uqPbmgKkPoe3sRCqhM or Litecoin: Lb5j7yNBAQjE3cwbLvY2Gd4y22mvWJjVBJ


Easy to setup! Use the in the ZIP included software win32diskimager_v0.9 to write the ISO-image to a 4 GB SD-Card and your raspi is ready-to-mine. Done!

Here the content of the included README_TO_MINE.txt for further information:

This image comes with win32diskimager_v0.9 for windows to setup an SD-Card (4GB).

bfgminer Version 3.10.0 is already compiled, pre-installed on raspbian wheezy and starts to mine immediately after booting, if raspberry pi is connected to internet and at least one antminer U1 is connected to its USB Port.
bfgminer is called in /etc/rc.local

System language and locales are English (UK/UTF8). You can change any settings as root with “rasppi-config” and set to your convenience.
root password is actually “pas55word” and can be changed with “sudo passwd root” as user pi/raspberry.

Instructions after copying the image to the SD-Card with win32diskimager:

1. plug in SD-Card into raspi

2. connect antminer(s) u1 to the usb-port of the raspi (with a powerfull USB-Hub, if you have more than 1 antminer)

3. connect ethernet-cable to router with internet connection

4. power on the raspi by connecting the mini-usb to power

5. after startup connect via ssh/putty to the raspi (see ip at your router)

6. login as root/pa55word (cause bfgminer starts as root)

7. Type “screen -x” at the console and enjoy to see…


Please note:

The antminers are actually overclocked up to 2 GH/s instead the default 1.6 GH/s. The value for overcloking and other setting for bfgminer can be found in /home/pi/cgminer.conf.

Feel free to set to your desired values, but 2 GH/s is a reasonable setting I think. TAKE CARE FOR GOOD COOLING!

You use this image and bfgminer on your own risk!

BTW: After startup you can also point your browser to https://ip-of-your-raspi/miner.php to see your antminer rig working and mining diligently bitcoins into the wallet!

*Stunning Picture by Andrey Pavlov

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